Difference between A Medigap Policy And Medicare Advantage

Recently I turned 65 and was overloaded with information about the type of Medicare policy to choose. After only 3 months on Medicare, I’m happy with a Medicare Advantage policy. I chose the Advantage policy with safe horizons; I do not have to pay any additional premiums after the fees for Medicare Part B have been deducted from my social security check.

The share I have to pay with this policy is as follows: $ 15 for a visit from my family doctor … $ 30 to see a specialist (I need a recommendation from my family doctor to visit a specialist), and $ 170 for an outpatient procedure. Some few years ago, my bill was $ 10 to see a family doctor and $ 35 to see a specialist … The bill for outpatient surgery remains the same, at $ 175.

For example, if I have a supplement policy that I would call Medigap’s policies, I would pay $ 123 more a month. For this extra bill, I would remove the office premiums, the costs of the surgical and co payment bill, or the special medical procedures which are not offered in the insurance policy of Medicare. For example, I needed a scan and had a surprise when I ran the scan. I received a surprise of $ 300 because the CAT exams are not insured by my Medicare policy … Aside from this unexpected occurrence I am impressed with the insurance I receive with my Medicare Advantage Policy.

If you are of sound health like me, I would recommend that you continue to benefit from the Medicare benefit policy. If you consult your doctor regularly, I would advise you to frequently look at a Medigap policy that would eliminate all your co pays and take care of your scan. You also need to do something more to get your med insured by a Medigap. My Medicare prescriptions were generally less than $ 10.

Are the policies easy to comprehend? No, there is a lot of research you need to do. Even if you are interested in a 2019 medicare supplement plan, you will eventually be able to talk to a salesperson who can bypass a seller only if you choose a Medicare Advantage Policy.

When choosing a health insurance policy, keep in mind that you must inform the doctor about your appointment. The pension policy is an insurance contract concluded with a third person who is awarded the premium deducted from the social security check. The insurance company takes the place of Medicare insurance. It’s a bit puzzling, but kind nurses will teach you how to solve the puzzle.

We are talking about Medicare health care in the sorting policy when the national Medical policy comes into effect. If you expect that with a national health policy, health bills will cost less, you will be disappointed. Insurance companies are not stupid, and paying for more people and allowing prerequisites will cost someone and it will be you. So be prepared and you will not be surprised.